Our PVC and polyolefin shrink films stand out for its extraordinary behaviour in manual machines, semiautomatic and automatic ones, for its resistance to tearing and its high brightness. Amongst our range of polyolefins there are films for general purpose, anti-fog, films with high performance.

Besides, all our films can be provided in single wound or center folded open on the right or the left side, and they are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths.

The shrink films of ARAEXfilm contribute to the saving in the manufacturing processes of our clients and they are 100% recyclable.

The components related to the electronic world are packed to avoid its dispersión and deterioration.

Our shrink films are intended for wrapping all the kind of household products, as candles, vinegar bottles, ….

Glasses, cutlery, napkins, dishes and other similar articles made of plastic or cardboard are packed to avoid its deterioration and pollution by dust.

The stationery and office supplies, especially the  pages, notebooks, etc, require that the shrink process don´t wrinkle the pages.

The decor ítems can differ in their forms, materials, weights and sizes, depending on the product.

The wrapping of drug and cleaning products, require the film to adapt to the complicated shapes of these packs.

The little parts of plastic, metal, wood, cardboard and glass are wrapped to protect from the dirty, oxidation, wet and too to avoid they were lost.

The process of wrapping the little tools and machines, typical of the labors DIY

The cans and boxes that contain pharmaceutical and herbal products are wrapped with a view to guarantee the consumer safety.

The ARAEXfilm products are used to pack boxes of toys, table games, party tricks and fancy dress.

Las pequeñas piezas de plástico, metal, madera, cartón y vidrio se retractilan para protegerlas de la suciedad, oxidación, humedad y también para evitar que se pierdan.

Both the vinyls and the CD and DVD, either in single cases, or towers with several units or paper envelopes, are wrapped to avoid the scratch, the broken or pollution by dust in the área of the data reading.

It´s common the use of shrink films for grouping the promotional products (2X1, 3X1, gifts…). Due to the versatility of our films and our range of products, the clients count on reliable films as regard its finish and behaviour in the machine.

External packing of boxes that can contain different kinds of products.