Shrink Films

We manufacture PVC shrink films and Polyolefin conceived for the wrapping of food products.

Our films stand out for its extraordinary behaviour in manual, semiautomatic and automatic machines, for its resistance to the torn and high brightness. Between our range of Polyolefins differ films for general purpose, antifog, or films with high performance.

Besides, all our films can be provided in single wound or center folded open on the right or the left side, and they are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths.

The shrink films of ARAEXfilm contribute to the saving in the manufacturing processes of our cients and they are 100% recyclable.

For wrapping tea boxes, our PVC and Polyolefyne films as much those for general purpose, as…

We are leaders on the market of wrapping egg cartons in different forms and sizes.

ARAEXfilm Polyolefin films are used for packing meat and fish products .

The film 6VR with great hardness, resistance and opposition to torn.

ARAEXfilm shrink films are used for wrapping boxes of gum, jellybeans, candies, sweets, pralines…

For packing boxes and cakes, wafers, must guarantee the integrity of the product.

For packing biscuit boxes we recommend our films.

Using ARAEXfilm products 4VR and FREC we assure the packing of cans grouped bear the weight.