Object and application field

ARAEXfilm to demonstrate the ability to provide a service that meets the requirements of its clients and to increase their satisfaction (complying with the applicable legal requirements and regulations), has a Quality Management System certified in the Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and certified of a Quality and Food Safety System according to the BRC standards.

Integrated politics:

Know the guidelines that define the corporate philosophy of EXTRUSIONES VINILICAS ARAGONESAS, S.L. (ARAEXfilm)

Download integrated politic

Download integrated politic

The scope of the management system of ARAEXfilm is:

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015  Download certify

· Design and manufacture of shrink film for extrusion.

· Plastic materials cutting.

· Storage and distribution of shrink film polyolefine.

BRC PACKAGING Download certify

· Production by extrusion of polystyrene and shrinkable polyolefin (PE/PP) films for food industry.

· Cutting and winding of plastic film (BOPP/PVC) for the manufacture of packaging for food industry.

· Traded goods: plastic films for food industry packaging (polyolefins PE/PP).

· Exclusions from scope: Shrink and semi rigid PVC films by extrusion.