It´s common the use of shrink films for grouping the promotional products (2X1, 3X1, gifts…). Due to the versatility of our films and our range of products, the clients count on reliable films as regard its finishing and behaviour in the machine.

ARAEXfilm offer to the clients different films tailored to their particular needs , being able to choose between the film FREC that allow the client to choose the shrink level ratio, the film 4VR for general purpose and the film 6VR suitable for the high speed machines.


  • High resistance to the rupture, stretch and tearing
  • Excellent behavior in high speed machines
  • High brightness and transparency
  • Shrink ratio adaptable to the clients needs
  • Usable in one-step shrinking machines, heat tunnels and L-sealers
  • Available in single wound or center folded
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths